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The Belmont Project #2

Belmont personal lore:

The Dixie Mattress Company, which I personally never saw a mattress going in or out of, which was locally rumored of being a front for nefarious activities;

…the Avalon Theater / Electric Castle (featured in the opening credits of Portlandia) which charged a small admission fee, then you could wander in and out of third-run movies on old, beat-up movie screens and play 20 or 30 old arcade games in the lobby – it should have been totally creepy, but it was just weird fun;

…the video store in a small house run by a mixed race couple who were both friendly and unwelcoming at the same time. Each tiny room was a different genre and during three years of grad school I rented hundreds of $2 VHS movies that they recommended, mostly foreign;

…the super fancy, mysterious and totally out of place Italian prix-fixe restaurant across the street that nobody I know ever went to because we were all poor. Sometimes I’d play Scrabble with my friend Will on the third floor and we’d drink beers while black cars dropped off and picked up diners;

…the Belvedere, my apartment building, which was super’d by an old hippie couple who lived in a bunker-like ground floor apartment and which housed a charming and bizarre assortment of local characters. It featured a cool old elevator with an accordion folding door and brass floor buttons;

…the Eight One market, Record Shop, and Vern, which formed the triangulation of my world for a very long stretch, to be covered in depth later…

So, pictures of buildings…



Graphic designer / project manager / gardener living in Denver, Colorado.

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