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Gentle Reader

Gentle Reader,

You could expect me to finish the entry on “Confidence V. Trust” that’s sitting in the drafts folder, which ties in nicely with an earlier entry on Compensation, and perhaps a little also with Security, and a lot with Offloading Densities of Thought, but no.

Instead, it was a cool, foggy morning, and a nice change from the blazing weeks of summer. So after finishing up some work on The Lasagna Project I took some photos, uploaded them to the desktop, and now share them with you with limited commercial interruptions:

First off, we’ve finally reach the end of The Path project, having reconstructed the entire walkway down to the landing and then some:

finished Path and Landing

I threw in some little birdies to help me celebrate.

Next off, Phase One of The Lasagna Project is finally complete. The top half of the grassy area which will be re-seeded next season with African Dogtooth (Dog Tuff) grass has been de-turfed, dug out, cardboarded, refilled, leveled off and is ready for a top layer of fresh mulch:

I managed to shovel in half not one, but two different sections of sprinkler lines in just that one area, but not not worry, Ace is the Place and all is well:

broken sprinkler line

Excavations have uncovered lots of old bricks, shards of glass and pottery, and pretty rocks:

yard debris

I call this one “Tools and Whatnot”:


And let’s wrap it up with gratuitous shots of Sunflowers and the Mulberry bush, plus a candid of my Quality Control agent Clio hard at work on the job site:

Here’s wishing you a cool and foggy morning…




Graphic designer / project manager / gardener living in Denver, Colorado.

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