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The Path Redux / The Lasagna Project

You maybe thought I gave up on this project, but no, Gentle Reader, I actually doubled down. I have a week off from work and woke up with a bit of an anxiety attack for no reason, which is easily cured by several hours of hard work in the hot morning sun.

The Path was reclaimed all the way down to where it meets the landing area, and I got stuck there momentarily when I realized the need for additional flagstones. I quick trip to no less than three big-box landscaping stores proved fruitful when I found a pile of mostly broken pieces of sandstone that the sleepy checkout lady agreed to sell to me for two dollars each. Huzzah!

Here are some photos of how all that business turned out, including one of my very cute supervisor, Clio:

You can see that I’m pulling up stones, shoving cardboard in there and covering it up with a layer of sandy / rocky dirt, then filling that in with fresh pea gravel. This is an attempt to keep the weeds out for a year or two. It’s a variation on “lasagna gardening” which I also referenced here.

The Lasagna Project is basically me burning up gigawatts of energy by taking a shovel and digging up the entire back yard. It’s fun. The dogs love it. I’m doing several things at once here: (1) taking off the entire top layer of weeds and throwing them out, (2) digging out a layer of plain old dirt under that and setting it aside, (3) putting down corrugated cardboard as a weed killing hot-box barrier and future compost, (4) putting the plain old dirt on top of the cardboard to make a layer of mulch sort of, and (5) leveling all that out a patch at a time so I can plant Dog Tuff grass plugs next Spring on a nice clean bed.

Over time, the two sections that are supposed to be grass have layered up with dead grass and weeds, and are probably 1-2 inches taller then they used to be. I’m also fixing that by taking the whole top layer off and getting rid of it. This will make the yard a little more flat and manageable, especially around the edges.

You can see how I’m using the level of the sprinkler heads as a basis for determining the new levels in a yard that has a variance of maybe 6-12 inches in height. Working out from those seems like a good approach.

More pictures of that process:

It’s not glamorous work, but next Spring when I have a clear flat back yard to stick those grass plugs into, I’m going to remember these days and do a little dance.

I’m also posting two more pictures of my dogs here because I’m working on illustration styles for a children’s book project and I hope you like them. Bye for now.







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