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Getting Busy, July Edition

Gentle readers,

Sorry for the radio silence lately – it’s been a period of doing stuff because I like doing stuff rather than doing stuff so that I can post about stuff (see here for more on that concept, sort of) and also one of those phases where I fall out of love with the digital realm a little teensy bit for a while.

Over tacos with my wife at an amazing place we love (if you ever find yourself in Breckenridge do yourself a favor and go here on an empty stomach) I groused long and boringly about the Book of Faces, how our past lives haunt us there, how we are complicit in a vast voyeurism culture, how we post just so we can see who reads our posts, the hall of mirrors and all that. Whew I just bored myself silly writing that.

Then we sat in the rain under a chair lift while a stranger fed our dogs expensive leftover bits of grilled meat, and we had just hiked 1,000 vertical feet on leftover snow-pack alongside strangers from Dallas, and we were wet and tired and I felt better about everything.

So then, back to the Garden, and Art. Making things. Growing things. Taking care of business.

Recently I started researching the writing and illustrating of children’s books based on digital art I’ve been making which I post here. If anyone has any thoughts about the Kindle Children’s Book Creator, a piece of software that seems both stupidly simple and maddeningly uneven, I’d love to hear from you. I’ve written a nice story and have outlines for several more. Two of our dogs are the models, and I’m using the name “Verisimilitude & Moxie.” Been making quick sketches like these:

And meanwhile I found out what two of the plants are that are popping up all over my yard and are growing like weeds, because they are weeds, but if you do enough internetting you’ll read that you’re wrong about this and your yard is actually self-populating with two varieties of under-eaten yummy and nutritious plants called Lamb’s Quarters and Purslane. Instead of recounting all my research I’ll give you pictures I found:

And I also have spent some time thinking again about the Kitchen, which is still a 1950’s sort of narrow galley space, in which we have installed a couple of monstrous modern appliances that don’t entirely fit. I think people used to be smaller. Our house was built in 1915, and it was two rooms separated by a fireplace which was fed by a fire in the cellar, which still has a little boarded up coal chute. Then in 1935 some nice people added a great room, kitchen, and bathroom. Sometime in the ’50’s some other nice people updated the kitchen and added a porch. Now we, as the new nice people, are tasked with updating the kitchen for normal-sized people. I’m doing little sketches that look like this:

kitchen cabinets

My wife seems to like them.

And in the meantime, the Garden. I recently found out about African Dogtooth Grass, also called Dog Tuff. Oh, this is happening. Yes, Sir, we are getting this. Or rather, I’m going to kill a bunch of our weed-ridden “grassy” areas using the Lasagna Gardening technique, then install Dog Tuff plugs. This process will begin in September with the giant stack of poster boxes I liberated from the recycle pile at work, and by next June when the plugs arrive, I’ll have some nice weed-free ground to work in. I think.

As a precursor, I’ve started to dig up all along the path that bisects our grassy areas, take the weeds out, and reclaim the river rocks that used to make the path look all nice. This is a laborious process but I’m coming up with piles and piles of rocks that were buried over time by erosion and overgrowth:

Also I got a sunburned back because I took my shirt of for like ten minutes while doing this. The Colorado sun is not to be trifled with.

Lastly, I’m still writing music because I can’t not do that. Enjoy the latest little thing I put together in GarageBand, which is another in a long line of finger-style acoustic guitar instrumentals titled after our many dogs:






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