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Yard Grids for Xeri

Been doing a lot of research on Xeriscaping. Tired of the too many conflicts in trying to maintain actual real grass while also maintaining two very active dogs, and based on a conversation with my friend Charles whose head nearly explodes every time he sees someone watering their lawn, I’m thinking of making the switch.

At least in the back yard, which has previously cultivated areas of Xeri to expand on. The front yard is small and self-sufficient if I give it just enough water, and when it goes brown in late summer I don’t care too much. It should. But in back, I could literally water the grass every single day from last frost until last leaf drop, and it would still ask for more.

The problem is that dogs pee, adding pools of nitrogen to the grass in random patches that burn and kill everything in that area. (I’m not going to train them to pee in a special place – it’s too late for that.) And the areas that were Xerscaped by Impressionist Lady have becomes infested with various weedy invaders. SO – when I try to fix the burned grass areas by digging them up, amending the soil and re-seeding, the weedy invaders just hop over and dig in.

Boy is fake grass expensive. I’m mean WOW. Like $7-10 per square foot. I wanted a big area of that, but I’m not putting in a $5,000 putting green. SO I’m taking stock of things I can do efficiently, by myself, with cash on hand, over about two years.

Diagrams. I’m starting by making the yard into a plan, and then I can make some educated choices about what goes where. Reading about dry zones, wet zones, shade zones and sun zones. Soil Ph. Types of mulch. Organic weed control. But so then, here’s where we are with that so far:

yard sketch

yard grid plan





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