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The Weeding Life

More about subtraction and less about addition. The more time spent weeding, the more value in things uncovered, things found, things re-discovered. Value in the way of clarity and simplicity. Right here in this patch of mess, where everything runs together and competes for attention, a single flower. Take the rest away and let it speak. A patch of clarity.

Here’s some tall wildflowers and Salvia that needed weeding, a walking path sort of buried there too – around everything, venture capitalists eating up local real estate and resources:


And here’s a patch after weeding, the Yarrow having been liberated, the path found, and some very nice prickly blue-green ground cover emerging from the undergrowth:


Since the yard was intensely landscaped / cultivated and then completely ignored for two years, conditions have been made ideal for invasions. Choking vines spring up and twist around everything. Fast-growing, root-spreading greenies are coming up in patches everywhere. Creeping Charlie silently creeps. Part of the satisfaction of crawling around damp ground on hands and knees, making decision on what stays and what goes, literally getting hands and fingernails dirty, is finding these humble gems in the undergrowth that had gotten drowned out. And the bigger guys, like this Yarrow here, gain clarity and focus.

Landscaping in reverse. That’s what’s up.

And thinking about these weeds emerging from my past. A patch of them, suddenly, sharing a root system that goes through me, all at once asking for the same resources. I’ve spent some recent years clearing the plot, making choices on what stays and goes. But, old habits, old root systems and all that.

Life piles up undergrowth as you go along through different seasons, with things moving off, things dying and some growing, things going into dormancy. Roots get put down, roots get dug up. In recent seasons, I turned some roots up to burn off in the sun. Life weeding. Choices.

Growth pushes against itself and the equation has to equal out. Structure your plot any way that feels right, but weeds always come, and if you’re not taking care of things it’s suddenly all choking vines and Creeping Charlies. And all at once that’s everything.

But getting down there on your hands and knees trying to make sense of it all one afternoon, you see that underneath all this tangled mess that’s been eating all your resources, well, there’s this nice blue-green ground cover that’s pretty amazing. And these delicate yellow flowers. And this path here that used to be invisible.

This path. Here’s this path I laid out back years ago. This was a good, solid idea. There’s love along here, and industry, and empathy.

I’ll drop two songs to cover the rest of this idea, while I get back out in the sun…




Graphic designer / project manager / gardener living in Denver, Colorado.

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